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21 April Arunachal Pradesh Lottery LabhLaxmi Taurus Results 2020 Live Video Updates Today Lucky Winners

Arunachal Pradesh LabhLaxmi Lottery Result Today 2020: We all know why people play lotteries. It is because it is one of the easiest way for them to try their luck and win easy money in huge amount. But there was a time when due to many duplicacy government had banned the lottery completely throughout the country. But after sometime government had made lottery legal in just 13 states as they came to realise that this is the main source of income for these people. All the seven northeastern states are among those states where lottery is made legal. We are today here providing you with the result of the Arunachal Pradesh LabhLaxmi Lottery Result 2020.

Check Arunachal Pradesh Lottery LabhLaxmi Results

Check Arunachal Pradesh Lottery LabhLaxmi Results

Arunachal Labhlaxami Lottery Live Updates Today Lucky Winners

LabhLaxmi and Mumbai Laxmi lotteries are legalised by the governemnt. The other states where lottery is played at large scale legally are Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram. Every day in Arunachal Pradesh 3 lotteries are played. The LabhLaxmi results are announced by 4:00 PM. The Ganapati Bumper lottery results are announced at different timings. The prize structure for the LabhLaxmi lottery is as follows. First prize is of ₹ 10 thousand, second prize is of ₹ 5,000 and the third prize winner gets ₹ 500. The fourth and fifth prize winners get ₹ 300 and ₹ 200 respectively. You can also get prize other than money sometime in this lottery.

In Arunachal Pradesh seven weekly lotteries are played, they are:

  • LabhLaxmi Libra Weekly Lottery
  • LabhLaxmi Aries Weekly Lottery
  • LabhLaxmi Taurus Weekly Lottery
  • LabhLaxmi Gemini Weekly Lottery
  • LabhLaxmi Cancer Weekly Lottery
  • LabhLaxmi Leo Weekly Lottery
  • LabhLaxmi Virgo Weekly Lottery

Arunachal Pradesh LabhLaxmi Lottery Result 2020

These lotteries are organised by the Directorate of Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries. Where the face prize of the lottery tickets is Rs. 10 and the people can get the first prize of nearly Rs 10000 from it. If you are the lucky one who is able to win the lottery then you need to follow some measure to get the money. The money claiming form can easily get from the official website.

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