Privacy Policy

All the information collected by the from different users is being governed by the privacy policy. The privacy policy doesn’t allow the users to copy and paste the information of in some other website.

Personal Identification Information

With the help of our connection with different activists, services, features and resources we collect personal identification information as the chance of fake information comes to an end by following this procedure. Anonymously the users can visit our site. As the official sites have a copyright for the personal identification information. So we collect the personal identification information just after the complete permission of the owner or user. Mostly the owner or the user refuses to give the personal identification information to anyone, as it may prevent them from engaging in certain site related activities.

Non Personal Identification Information

Whenever a user opens or interact with our site then we may collect all the available non personal information. The browser name, the type of computer and other technical information is included in the non personal information. We collect it as the users don’t have any problem regarding this issue. The operating system and the internet speed are also being included in the non personal identification information.

Web Browser Cookies

For enhancing the experience of the user our site may use cookies. The cookie which is present in the hard drive of a system is being used for record keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about the users of the site. The user can also choose the option for not getting the cookies or alert when the cookies are available. If the user selects this information then some of the functions of the site may not work properly. Some other sites set default selection of cookies, but it can be changed by going to the settings. One can also manually delete the cookies from the respective web browser which they are using by just going to the settings.

How we Use Collected Information

For the following under mentioned purposes the collected information by the site is being used.

  • For enhancing the customer service.

The information collected by the users like you are being used for responding the customer service requests and support needs efficiently.

How we protect the Information Collected by you

The correct data collection process is being adopted by this site. Storage and processing fee is not being taken by you guys for securing your private as well as non personal information. Disclosure of your personal information is not permissible.

Contacting us

If any queries are arising in your mind regarding the privacy policy then you can contact us by sending an email or by just making us a call in the number mentioned below.