Daily Free Check-In Google Forms for Distance Learning During Coronavirus in Hindi English PDF

Daily Free Check-In Google Forms for Distance Learning: In this time of lockdown due to one deadly virus all the things are currently closed till 15th Of April but they can go on for further dates. Due to this, many students are losing their studies. The government are facing many difficulties in controlling the situation. Schools and colleges are providing online classes for their student so that the exams can be done on time and students will not lose time. But there are coaching institution who already taken money but are failing to provide education. For those coaching institutes, we are providing you with the complete guide in PDF format of how you can make the online Classes. Check the Check-In Google Forms To develop Distance Learning Classes. How to develop Online Google Classes.

Google Forms For Online Classes in Hindi English PDF

It is always better to study something than nothing. We are here providing you with detailed information on the development of Online Classes. The instructions are n PDF format and that too in the Hindi and English. It is the major disadvantage that in distance learning both teacher and student are not able to see and talk to each other. Even in video conferences, it is hard to know that students are understanding the things are not. You can use daily check-ins using Google Forms to resolve this issue. This post shares free daily check-in google forms for distance learning.

These google check-in form are the written document which are yseful for the teacher to know the student’s review and to know what their queries are. Mainly there can be two Check-in Forms used by the teacher one at the start of the class and other at the end of the class and it can have certain question like.

Check in Form at the start of the class

There is question in the Check-in the form is given at the beginning of the class and they can be:

  • How are you feeling today?
  • Do you have anything to tell me? This can be about school or life.
  • Were you able to find all of your work for today?
  • Do you need any help getting started with your assignments?
  • What questions do you have about your assignments?

Google Check in Form at the End Of the Class

Question mentioned below can be in the google check in forms given after the class:

  • How are you feeling now?
  • How did you to do today?
  • How do you feel about your assignments today? (This is a linear scale with “I didn’t understand anything” at one end and “I understood everything” at the other end.)
  • Do you have anything to tell me? This can be about school or life.

The questions mentioned above is just the basic question and if you want you can also add the questions according to your need.

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