PM Modi Cares Fund For Coronavirus By Using Paytm App

PM Modi Cares Fund For Coronavirus By Using Paytm App: As we all know that the world is suffering from the deadly outbreak of an unknown virus known as COVID 19. The World Health Organisation or WHO had declared this as the Global Pandemic. As many people have lost their lives to this virus and many are suffering from this disease. This virus was started from the Wuhan state of China. Now the whole world is affected by this disease each country is on the lockdown mode to break the chain. This is the airborne disease and it can only be stopped by breaking the chain of transmission. Each country is suffering from this virus and people are collecting funds to take precautions or to help the ones who are affected by it. The prime minister of India also asked people to help the needy by providing help to the poor or y donating the money so that various isolation camps are provided to the people easily and they can take rest there.

PM Donation Cares Fund CARES through PayTM

People can donate this amount by using Paytm. As you cannot go to the bank to deposit the money in the bank. You can use this app to make an online transaction. This is a good step by the Prime minister as there are many people who want to help and many movie stars and sports persons also coming forward to help the people in this crisis. This is a good initiative by our government as we need finance to make the isolation camps where people can be kept so that they can have good care. You can also make your donation using Paytm easily we are here.

Steps to Make Donation through PayTm

  • Open the app.
  • Check the third icon named as PM Cares Fund
  • Click on the icon and select the amount you want to donate or you can also type if you want to do more.
  • Click on the contribute button given on the bottom of the screen.
  • You need to give your details which are mentioned there or you can pay through Paytm wallet.
  • Press the donate button and you can donate the amount.

The more you donate the more early we can come from this crisis. We hope you understand the procedure to submit the money.

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