Durga Puja FB Whatsapp Status Lines Bengali 2022 ! Navratri SMS Wishes in Hindi

Subho Mahalaya Bengali FB Whatsapp Status – Maha Navratri SMS Wishes in Bengali Hindi

Subho Mahalaya Bengali Status

Mahalya festival is also a festival associated with Durga Puja, in which the worship of Mother Durga is also done. Maa Durga is considered to be Goddess of immense power. This festival and worship are celebrated to invite Durga to the earth and awake you are recited in the chants of Jagoga. The festival of Mahalaya is celebrated on the last day of patriarchy. So Peoples of Bengal Community those who are going to celebrates this Great Festival are Looking for the Subho Mahalaya Facebook Status in Bengali, Hindi, English, Gujarati. 

  • चारि दिके शिउली फुलेर गोंधो , अक्षर मेघ , काश फुलेर बॉन , ढाकर बजना जनन डिचे  मेर आगमों . सुभो महालया .
  • शिउली फुलेर गन्धो , सदा मेघेर साडी र काश -ेर बॉन ,ढाकर बजना जनन डिच्चेमा -ेर आगमों . सुभो महालया !
  • देवीर गोमोने ,आनंदर आलिंगन , शिउलिर गांधी , पूजा उच्छासे जीबन होये उथुक मोंगोलमय . महालयर इ शरद प्रभाते जाने शरद सुभेच्छा ! शुभो महालया !
  • एलो खुसीर सरत .एक्टू हिम्मर हवा .पूजा भोरे ढाकर आवाज . मायेर कच्चे जावा . नेक खुसी उनेक लो , पूजा कटुक भलो . महालयर सुभेछा रोइलो
  • कशेर बोन लागलो डोला , पूजा एलो ोी . एक बछरेर प्रतिकः सेष होलो तै .सरोद सुवच्छा !
Subho Mahalaya Bengali Status Images
Subho Mahalaya Bengali Status Images
Subho Mahalaya Bengali FB Status Images
Subho Mahalaya Bengali FB Status Images
Subho Mahalaya Bengali Images
Subho Mahalaya Bengali Images

Subho Mahalaya Bengali Status For FB Whatsapp

This festival is celebrated in many states of India, in which there are some major states – Karnataka, Odisha, Tripura, and West Bengal. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in these states. The history of Mahalaya festival is related to when Lord Ram had worshiped Goddess Durga before going to war in Lanka. He blessed the goddess so that he could successfully rescue mother Sita from the clutches of Ravana. It is believed that when Lord Ram was worshiping Durga, then all the Gods had worshiped Durga mama with them. On this day Goddess Durga started the journey from heaven to earth. Peoples those who are Great Users of Social Media Apps are Searching for the Subho Mahalaya Status Lines. 

Maha Navratri SMS Wishes in Bengali Hindi

शिउली फुलेर गन्धो माखा
शरत आकाश कहानी ,
काश फूल र घसेर डोले
कर ोी पदध्वनि ?
शरद शुभेच्छा !

होलोई बा आकाश मेघला ,
नै बा दिलो सोनाली रोड ,
ताबुओ सिउलीरा फुटबै
..ऐसेचे स्रोत,
हिमेर परोक्ष ..
लागूक मनेर कोने .
होक अब

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